The target of a corporate video is to dynamically present the services and products that your company offers. It is the best way to convey the message of your company to customers.

Looking Young Feeling Great

Looking Young Feeling Great Facebook Group

La Rosca Rustica de Oro

Announcement for Cor Alimentacion and its star product "La Rosca Rustica De Oro"

La Rosca Rustica de Oro Funny Video

This is a short and funny video that wants to reach young people.

Stop Motion La Rosca Rustica

Stop Motion is one of the best solutions for short and fast marketing that is used today on social networks.

Restaurant Presentation

Video Presentation of the restaurant overlooking the sea, Can Fisher.

As de Hielo Presentation

Video presentation of As de Hielo, a company that is dedicated to the production and distribution of ice cubes.

Video Presentation for Coaching Services

Video presentation of the coaching services offered by Brigitte Martinez. The video was used on their website and social networks.

Christmas Recipes from Pantea Group

First recipe of a series of 3 that I have made for Pantea Group along with Creativia Lab.

Nol Perruquers

Nol Perruquers is a team of professionals, specialists in the world of color and hair beauty. We have worked together on this audio-visual project, creating an album of photos and several videos for online marketing. Model Andra Eftimie.

La Guapa Barcelona

La Guapa Barcelona is a vermouth bar located in the center of Barcelona. Together we have made a video for online marketing.

9PM Hairstyle

9PM Haisrtyle is a barber shop in the Gracia area of Barcelona. The owner, Paula is an innovator and wanted to bet on video marketing.

Gran Hotel Rey Don Jaime

What better way to promote a hotel than a video that conveys all services and location in a dynamic setting.

Fisioesthetic Therapeutic Massage

Video presenting the Fisioesthetic services that were used for the marketing of the company.

BTTalk Midland

Midland is a company that offers recording and communication systems for adventure sports and for the world of motorcycles. Together with URB's we have made a photo session for marketing a new product, "BTTalk Button", and a video where we explain how the product works together with the app.

Be Juguetes

Video made at the opening of the new store Be Toys.


Video presentation of the new Kaos app. A very fun app with many interesting features.

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